In 2023 we’ve made possible the impossible of the realm of private debt.

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✅ Facility Management

✅ Verification Agent

✅ Master Servicer

✅ Backup Servicer

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Debt Management Has Been Anchored in the Past, Ignoring the Demands of the Modern World

With Vaas, we challenge passivity and propose radical change through technology. That is our constant transformation engine to make a more efficient, transparent and scalable market for all its players.


Vaas makes debt simple

Our cutting-edge software streamlines the entire operational cycle of a loan, empowering all debt players to optimize and automate the incredibly complex and time-consuming process of complying with loan agreements.

Lenders looking to deploy capital quickly and safely, and borrowers seeking to operate with the highest capital efficiency, can now join us in bringing debt structuring into the 21st century.