Time: The invaluable resource you could be wasting

In business, as in life in general, we spend a lot of time worrying about money; reaching budget goals or making rent are concerns all businesses have in some way or another. This constant pressure takes a toll on us and makes us forget we have another very precious resource we waste: TIME.

Every organization has a group of people that move the needle, those 20% of employees that deliver 80% of the innovation or financial results. Those employees are your future champions, they are the ones being groomed to take management positions one day. Imagine if you could save them hours of non-strategic, repetitive work every year! How far could your organization advance if you let them apply their brain power to the most important tasks?

Talent is your most valuable asset, nurture and take care of it or it will leave you.

As most fintech companies know, having a structured debt facility is both a blessing and a curse. It allows you to grow your assets and your company incredibly fast but it also puts a strain on our team because of the operational burden it requires. This operational burden takes the form of preparing neverending excel files, generating reports and letters or informing performance covenants to investors. As necessary as those can be, asking your capital markets team to spend countless hours each week filling forms and changing excel formats is a terrible use of their TIME, and therefore the company’s.

They should be spending time looking for more and cheaper investors or optimizing their internal operations. Talent is a very scarce resource, companies can no longer take high performing employees for granted, remote work and globalization have democratized the labor market. Most talented employees want to have an impact, lead teams, have liberty to concentrate on difficult problems and solve them. If you ask them to devote most of their time to menial tasks, they will look for other opportunities. In short, your most talented employees should be focusing on the high lever opportunities in your company, not on filling out some paperwork.

At Vaas we are leveraging technology to deliver holistic solutions that make the job of operating a private debt facility, master servicing a trust or generating analytics much easier. Let us help you free and empower your top employees from low-impact, low-leverage tasks. Can you imagine how far could you go? Let’s go together.

By: Fernando Muleiro

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Time: The invaluable resource you could be wasting

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